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Yemen Integrated Urban Services Emergency Project YIUSEP (Phase II)

YIUSEP Phase II Project Documents

Yemen Integrated Urban Services Emergency Project (Phase II)

Yemen Integrated Urban Services Emergency Project YIUSEP (Phase II)

UNOPS has received repeated requests from urban communities and the YIUSEP local implementation partners for additional support, including priority interventions for WASH, municipal services and urban roads, sectors which represent a significant part of the urgent needs on the ground. These priority requests from local counterparts form the basis for this new project, which has been prepared based on the evidence from the 2020 Yemen DNA study, building on the very successful area-based approach adopted during YIUSEP’s implementation, and considering the key lessons learned such as the need for greater focus on capacity building of local partners to support long-term sustainability. Ultimately supporting the restoration of services in these priority sectors is expected to allow conflict-affected people to address their most basic needs and increase their agency, therefore providing increased development opportunities. Additionally, bolstering urban services will help ensure adequate medical care and reduce the risk of disease during the current emergency.

Project Components:

Component 1: Service Restoration.

This Component will finance the preparation and implementation of infrastructure investments.
Sub-Component 1.1: Tertiary Municipal Services and Solid Waste Management
Sub-Component 1.2: Urban Water and Sanitation
Sub-Component 1.3: Urban Roads
Sub-Component 1.4: Energy for Critical Services

Component 2: Implementation Support and Capacity Development

Sub-Component 2.1: Project Implementation and Management Support
Sub-Component 2.2: Enhanced Capacity Building
Sub-Component 2.3: Third Party Monitoring

Component 3: Contingent Emergency Response

Providing immediate response to an Eligible Crisis of Emergency, as needed.

YIUSEP Phase II Project Tenders

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