Yemen Emergency Lifeline Connectivity Project (YELCP)

Yemen Emergency Lifeline Connectivity Project " Environmental and Social Management Plan" Documents


    1. The overall objectives are to reduce transport cost of essential commodities by increasing and maintaining road access to food and other humanitarian aid centers in a safe and reliable manner, and provide employment and entrepreneurship opportunities to rural poor within the project area. The Project has four components:


  • Component 1: Rural and Village Access Roads Improvement and Maintenance (US$41.00million)


  1. Component 1.A: Rehabilitation of Lifeline Rural Access Roads (US33.00 million).  
  2. Component 1.B: Employment-Intensive Road Maintenance (US$ 8.00 million). 

Component 2: Strengthening Management Capacity of Transport Sector Public Institutions (US$ 2.00 million).

Component 3: Project Implementation and Monitoring Support, Studies and Preparatory Activities (US$ 7.0 million).

  1. Component 4: Contingent Emergency Response (US$0 million; to be capitalized in case of emergency).