UNOPS continues the work on road maintenance projects in the Governorate of Dhamar at a cost of US$ 6.5 million

As part of the activities of the Yemen Integrated Urban Services Emergency Project, funded by the World Bank Group’s International Development Association (IDA), UNOPS is implementing a number of road maintenance projects in several governorates in the Republic of Yemen, including the Governorate of Dhamar. As of April 2020, the project aims to complete the maintenance and rehabilitation of 29 km of main and secondary roads in the city of Dhamar at a cost of US$ 6.5 million.


Road projects currently implemented by UNOPS in the city of Dhamar include four main roads, namely, Sana’a – Aden road (from the oil company to Kamaran roundabout), the southern entrance to the city of Dhamar (from Kamaran roundabout to Namara area), the southeast ring road (from Kamaran roundabout to the Governorate premises – Al Waraqi station) and the western ring road (from Customs roundabout to Kamaran roundabout).

It is noteworthy that all the road projects are implemented in partnership with the Public Works Fund for Roads, from engineering designs and technical studies subject to international standards up to the implementation and on-time delivery.


This intervention takes place following the massive destruction and damage caused to the main roads between the governorates since the outset of the current conflict, where statistics confirmed that about 60 percent of the roads were damaged and impacted the movement of vehicles and people, which in turn negatively affected the mobility and access to local services such as markets, schools, hospitals and other critical services.

The Yemen Integrated Urban Services Emergency Project aims to restore and improve access to public services in urban areas in nine cities of Yemen, which includes WASH sector, solid waste management, road maintenance and electricity.