The Yemen Emergency Electricity Access Project begins the supply, installation and commissioning of solar water pumping systems for 3 wells in Haifan, Governorate of Taiz

The United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) is implementing the works of installation and operation of solar water pumps for 3 wells as part of the activities of the IDA-supported Yemen Emergency Electricity Access Project for vital and critical services.


This project is intended to meet the urgent needs of 9700 people in need of safe and sustainable water in Taiz\Haifan, where and due to the deteriorating economic situation and the upsurge of fuel prices used for pumping water, this has led to the interrupted operation of service in some wells and areas in the country, and thus, the deterioration of situation and the eventuality of a humanitarian disaster due to lack of drinking water.


Through the project, UNOPS seeks to continue to provide essential services such as drinking water through a low-cost process that ensures the sustainability of energy sources. It was necessary to look for more sustainable sources of locally power generation using renewable and clean energy sources such as solar pumping systems.


The Yemen Emergency Electricity Access Project, funded by the World Bank through a US$ 50 million grant from IDA, aims to improve accessibility to electricity in rural and peri-urban areas of the Republic of Yemen. The project focuses on financing the off-grid solar energy systems by providing electricity to 200,000 households and the restoration of electricity supply to 1,200 vital service facilities in all governorates of the Republic.