Launching Works of Paving Streets in Zinjibar Neighborhoods, Funded by the World Bank

Abyan Governor Launches Works of Paving Streets in Zinjibar Neighborhoods, Funded by the World Bank, and visits a Number of Sites

As part of the Emergency Project for Integrated Urban Services, Governor of Abyan, Brigade Abubaker Hussein Salem, accompanied by Eng. Sami Bahurmoz, Deputy Executive Manager of Road Maintenance Fund, with Eng. Muaeen Al-Mas, from UNOPS, and a number of managers from different sectors in the governorate, launched works of paving neighborhoods of Zingibar, maintenance of the executive office roundabout street – bus station, as well as projects for pavement and lighting of some streets. The project is funded by the World Bank through a grant from the International Development Foundation.

They visited sites of the pavement works in Al-Naser neighborhood, and culture square in Al-Sarh neighborhood. The governor made a statement in which he thanked the World Bank for funding implementation of these projects in Zinjibar city, the capital of Abyan. He also thanked Road Maintenance Fund and Public Works Project, stressing on the importance of such projects for Zinjibar city. He valued efforts made by Road Maintenance Fund and Public Works Project, calling citizens of Zinjibar city to interact with these project, be of assistance to the local authority and avoid disrupting the project for whatever reasons, as such projects serve the governorate and all its citizens.

General Manager of Abyan Security, Colonel Ali Nasser Bazab Al-Kazmi, assured that security in Abyan is in its best condition, and that its ready to fully protect the projects until they are completed. He stated that Abyan governorate is safe and capable of receiving implementation of development and service projects by donors and is ready to receive investors and establish investment projects.

The urban project aims to restore provision of sever and essential services in urban areas within selected cities in the Republic of Yemen. The project will be implemented through UNOPS with local partners: Public Works Project, Road Maintenance Fund, International Projects Implementation Unit, Urban Water Projects Management Unit, and General Service Establishments.